zeiss vr glasses
1950’s Zeiss Stereoscopic Viewer from West Germany. Surprisingly, can be used as a viewer headset for modern smartphone virtual reality apps!

VR Games Ltd. is a virtual reality software, simulation, and game development studio located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Started in 2015, we develop virtual reality games for iOS, Android, Google Daydream, Google Cardboard, as well as many other virtual reality platforms, and have achieved success with our innovative game concepts.

Our history begins over 70 years ago, when the founder’s grandfather, a Forester in the Soviet Union, used German-made Zeiss stereoscopic viewing glasses to look at aerial photographs in stereoscopic 3D (the exact same concept used in VR technology today without head tracking). The glasses were passed down to his son, also a Forester and a Yale University graduate, who continued the family fascination with stereoscopic images and inspired his own son, a Software Developer, to start VR Games Ltd.

With over 30 successful games published, millions of downloads, we are one of the leading virtual reality developers in the world. We believe in honesty, integrity, growth through partnerships, continuous improvement, and exceeding client expectations!

We develop and publish proprietary VR games, provide publishing and marketing services for developers, and produce customized virtual reality solutions to organizations and corporate clients.